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Give us an idea of what sound you want... any reference material tracks,
So I know 
what speed (bpm) & vibe/genre (scale/key ) you're going for
Price will vary on time spent:

$50 p/hr
(4 hours Max per Session) 
1 hr beat: $50 / 2hr beat $100 and so on
 You are welcome & invited to sit in on the session via CYBER CAM or IRL

(Obviously a 4hr beat will sound more complete/professional,
but a 1hr beat should still go hard so long as you've given me good instructions)

Exclusive Rights to a beat can be organised, 
Make us an offer... I'm happy to sort royalty splits into the matter

For further enquires please contact : 

Soundcloud Embed doesn't show REPOSTS in the feed, but if you click into my SC profile you can listen to all my reposts/collabs/projects

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